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Alzu Feeds is committed to stay at the forefront of nutritional and animal health developments to ensure the best quality animal feed possible to our clientele.


Alzu has formulated perfect lick blocks for different types of farm animals. The lick blocks enable the producer to improve production traits of animals on veld grazing. Specific nutrient shortages are supplemented to a perfect balance to convert roughage efficiently.


• Durable and withstand all weather conditions, this results in less wastage and lasts longer

• Due to composition, intakes are more controlled

• Convenient packaging that makes removal from box easier and ensure less damages

• Blocks are formulated with specialised vitamin and mineral pack - supplement important trace minerals

• Can be used as a drought supplement

• Helps with improving herd fertility and weaning mass

• Improves herd health

ALZU HORSE BLOCK APERD Reg. No: V29918 Act 36 of 1947

The ALZU Horse Block is a balanced protein, energy and mineral source. It contains essentail amino acids for growth and reproduction.

ALZU GAME BLOCK AWIL Reg. No: V28646 Act 36 of 1947

The ALZU Game Block is a balanced protein, energy and mineral source. It contains essentail amino acids for growth and reproduction. It assists with maintaining the condition of healthy animals. The game block contains aloe that assists with the control of external parasites.

ALZU PROTEIN BLOCK APROTEIN Reg. No: V28646 Act 36 of 1947

The ALZU Protein block supplements veld grazing with natural and NPN -proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. The protein block stimulates intake and veld utilisation by providing the correct balance of nutrients to the rumen microbes.

The Protein block is suitable for cattle, sheep and goats.

Warning: This feed supplement contains Urea.

ALZU MINERAL BLOCK AMINERAAL Reg. No: V28646 Act 36 of 1947

The MINERAL block promotes conception on natural grazing and ensure proper weaning weights. It is an all season vitamin and mineral supplement for grazing animals. The Mineral block is enriched with phosphorus that serves as an advantage in phosphate deficient environments and supplies vital trance minerals.

ALZU SHEEP BLOCK ASKAAP Reg. No: V29919 Act 36 of 1947

The ALZU Sheep block aids in improving productionand maintaining the condition of animals on natural grazing. It serves as a drought supplement. The Sheep block can be used for flush feeding to improve weight gain or prior to breeding. The sheep block improve the utilisation of natural grazing. By providing balanced protein, energy, vitamins and minerals, the block helps to overcome deficiencies in natural grazing. The ALZU Sheep block helps with the promotion of wool growth and strenght, improves fertility and fecundity. It is enriched Ammonium Chloride for the prevention of bladder stones.

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